the power of live journalism – a HANDBOOK now published 

What is live journalism and why to do it? How to create a high quality live journalism production? Are there ways to apply the strengths of live journalism and what does its future look like? These questions are discussed in The Power of Live Journalism which is – to our knowledge – the world's first handbook of the new genre in journalistic storytelling. Download it here either in English or in Finnish. 

Through this handbook, we hope to shine a light both on the practical production process of a live journalism show and on the academic research perspectives involved in this new phenomenon. We hope to offer the necessary tools and background information for anyone wanting to experiment with live journalism or to further investigate the phenomenon. It documents the experiences and insights of the Black Box working group over a period of six years, as well as the final results of our academic research project.

The Helsingin Sanomat Foundation financed our research project, The Power of Live Journalism, which began in 2019 and explored the strengths and application possibilities of live journalism.